Osmin Hernandez - as crazy as they come.

I am a glutton for fitness. I read magazines, websites, books and am constantly learning new techniques and discussing with other fitness enthusiasts. I typically workout 5-6 days a week and I loooooove a good fitness related television series.

Recently, thanks to my sister, Elayne, I was introduced to Osmin Hernandez’s show on Nuvo “Operation Osmin.” Elayne literally made me stop what I was doing to watch this show after recent trip to the gym with me – where I was allegedly just a little too intense. (Brief background: Elayne is naturally built like a bikini fitness competitor and I have to actually work, so I love to train with/abuse her and push her as hard as I have to work for my body. True story:  She was once spotted in a gym lifting a duffle bag and most likely eating a gym inappropriate snack. Her biceps and triceps caught a fitness coach’s eye and she begged my sister to compete in a physique competition in 3 weeks…and Elayne placed second in the Northeast.)  Love the girl immensely, but my idea of family fun is berating and publicly motivating her in the gym – it’s hilarious.

But I digress, in short, Osmin, is insane and I loved every moment of it and relished in the comparison.

Each week, the former Cuban Marine turned defect and personal trainer to celebrities, such as Matt Damon and Anna Kournikova, takes on a new out of shape client who wishes to transform their life.  Osmin subjects them to unconventional, rigorous guerrilla workouts throughout Miami. He may pop up and make you workout on the beach, at the zoo, even on the subway. His premise is that fitness can occur anywhere and that the world can be your gym – so you have zero excuses to not be fit. He combines his 30 day fitness plan with a 30 day diet of only fish, salad, and water, which ultimately makes clients shed up to 30 pounds in 30 days.

For the next month his client belongs to him. He will withhold whatever he feels may be their psychological crutch or enables their unhealthy life style (beds, chairs, television, cell phones, cars). He utilizes a surveillance team to track his clients and see whether or not they are “cheating on him” and will pop in on them mid-cheating and subject them to a tough reprimand workout.

A few episodes, courtesy of Hulu, was exactly what I needed to get myself back on track this morning after my little birthday binge.  I love some tough love fitness so I’m pretty certain that if Osmin and I met in a dark alley, beach, subway car, night club, cemetery, or a shipping container (all places where he has subjected clients to workouts) – everything would be all good between us. I can’t wait to get back to the gym after my little party hiatus. Thanks Osmin for the motivation.

Check out this show…it is awesome.  Jump to minute 1:30 for some motivation NOT to drink wine.

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  1. evelyn marks

     /  June 5, 2013

    I love fitness although l am not fit at this particular time. Osmin you are wonderful, GOD bless you may heaven smile upon you.


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