Things to Do List for May…

My Things to Do List for May

Last week went pretty well, once I rallied away from my Birthday Cheat Week hi-jinx – I actually wound up having a great week of intense workouts. My attempt at creating a morning routine opened up more time in my schedule and I was able to squeeze in more friend and family time – I also managed to take in a Yankee game, without sacrificing gym time.

All in all April was a great month. Have not had much time – so I’m not quite sure just how much muscle I put on and how much fat was lost, but I am pretty satisfied with the month’s progress. The carb cycling was great – if you are diligent and fully commit to it, you will have the opportunity to see some great rapid results. I highly recommend it and plan to incorporate it every 6 weeks or so.

I also learned the value of full Cheat Week. In April I took my first week long break since I got back into the gym in December. It turned out to be exactly what my body and brain needed – lengthy rest and time to heal and recharge.  I returned stronger and my body was no longer used to my routine (for awhile it was getting difficult for me to feel sore after an intense workout).  As a result of seeing the benefits of a rest/cheat week – I have decided to schedule one every 2 months.

Goals for the Week:

1. 5/7 at the gym

2. Continue establishing a morning gym routine.

3. Eat, workout, be awesome.

4. Read or meditate during my train commute – rather than listening to and trying oohhhh soooo hard to avoid dancing to Rihanna.

Goals for the Month:

1. Finish up my remaining 8 boxing lessons and gym 5/7 each week.

2. Attend meditation  at least once a week.

3. Work hard and relax…because the results are showing.

4. Maintain a balanced fitness and social life, but return to my minimized alcohol intake and eating clean.

5. Post some actual workouts.


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