The Empress Needed New Clothes

My best fitting suit

If you are familiar with the Hans Christian Andersen short tale The Emperor’s New Clothes – I promise you that I was not swindled and that I actually wound up buying new clothes and am not parading around New York City nude.  Then again the heat index was allegedly approximately 107 degrees – according to a very dramatic and sweaty woman in the elevator yesterday morning.

During my “shop til you drop (or until all the stores are closed) Wednesday” I weathered a pretty crazy storm – rain, lightning, thunder, golf ball sized hail, people screaming in the streets that it was the end of days while being pummeled with previously referenced hail…it was fun and I am still smiling about it – I love when humans and nature collide.

Shopping was also a great opportunity to catch up with one of my best friends, Zoe, who I dragged out of Queens in what she alleged were “knee-high flood waters” to meet me at the Marc Jacobs store. She was a real trooper – decked out in her tundra boots while “consulting” (vetoing).  Truth be told, I had no idea that it was going to storm, but I wasn’t going to let a little water stop me – I was tired of my clothes falling off of me and punching new holes in my belts. Also, simply put, I have always loved shopping during horrible weather – there are NO LINES! You show me a day when people think the world is going to end and I can guarantee you there will be empty Fitting Rooms.

After about four hours of hitting the pavement and dodging hail my mission was half accomplished (I still need a few more items)…and I also found out that I am now a Size 4 again.

And to those people being pummeled by giant golf balls of hail and saying that the world was coming to an end while I was shopping…”NOT WHILE I AM A SIZE 4 AND GETTING STRONGER EVERYDAY.”

Have an awesome day everyone.  Be happy. 

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