Cashing in on Fitness


A few months ago I started a workout savings jar – stole the idea off of Pinterst. Basically, every time I worked out I would put a dollar in the jar, workouts before noon (since I am soooo far from a morning person) were worth $2. After 6 months I would be allowed to buy myself a fun treat.

So after seven months I have earned $183 in “fitness bucks” to spend on a splurge item – the only problem is that I do not really want anything. I already have new sunglasses, shoes, and bought most of the items that I needed in terms of new clothes. Now I am faced with the dilemma of what to buy.

I strongly suggest the use of a “workout savings jar” it was fun to watch my money grow and my waistline shrink. Now, it is time to start all over again and then buy myself a Christmas/”Happy One Year Anniversary of Fitness” gift.

See – fitness can literally “pay off” – sorry for the pun but I was having an Archer “Wait…I had something for this” moment.

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